What part of your business are you most proud of?

That after finding myself within a career that didn't spark passion, I now run a business that I love and that I am 100% passionate about. Providing priceless photographs for people is what I was made to do and I cannot imagine doing anything else in the world.

Describe your typical process with a couple.

When a couple initially gets in contact with me, I like to ask as many questions as I can to assure I'm what they are looking for, if not I am more than happy to direct them to services who will fill their requirements. Concluding, if my client is then satisfied that I'm the photographer for them, I'll ask for a deposit to secure their date. The majority of my packages come with a free engagement shoot which is a usual cost of £99.00. During this shoot, I like to start with having a coffee nearby to get to know my clients. Within this time we will outline a clear image of what they're hoping for as an end result of their wedding photos. We would then take to a nearby location to get them comfortable in front of the camera. The images produced from this shoot are digitally sent to them and I'll produce them a courtesy 'Save the Date' PDF. As a package add-on I am able to have a number of these produced for them. As there is usually several months between bookings and the ceremony, I like to check in with clients to ask how their wedding preparations are coming along. Although, my deposit is affordable, I like to think that its small touches like that which make a business a joy to work with.

What do you recommend for a rainy day wedding?

I'd always keep in mind that the weather is changeable regardless of how it's predicted to be. I'd always recommend having a marque for outdoor events incase the weather quickly changes. Saying that, always keep a large umbrella and also a couple bottles of factor 50 in my car incase the weather goes the opposite way. Sun burnt wedding guests is not something you or they would like to have in the photo album.

Describe your style in 5 adjectives:

Un-Obtrusive, Memorable, Unique, Thought Provoking and Honest.

What is your most memorable wedding?

My most memorable wedding was when the groom commandeered me into singing impromptu karaoke with him. Being adaptable is as important to me, as it is to my clients.

What is the No. 1 photo that you think every couple should take?

I'm not sure about you, but I hate having my photo taken. Personally I like taking photos of couples when they're completely unaware of the lens pointing at them. It's relaxed. They're completely with each other in that moment. Maybe talking to family and friends, laughing, smiling. Looking at each other, trying to take a brief moment for themselves in between all the chaos of hosting this massive event. 

- In essence couples should only have photos they are comfortable with.

What is your No. 1 wedding planning tip for couples?

Regardless of the budget, your day is about you and represents your union as a couple. My number 1 tip is to not stress yourself about who is and isn't invited, how big your wedding is or how lavish it will be. The people you value most in life will be happy to be there, celebrating with you regardless of the expectations you may put on yourselves. Don't rush. Don't put too much pressure on yourselves. It will all come together in time.

What is your favourite personal touch you have seen at a wedding?

I was at a Bohemian outdoor wedding last year where all of the decorations, plates and crockery were made from recyclable, sustainable materials. Most of the food was gluten free, vegan or organic meat where possible. I think that's a very responsible & sustainable outlook to have on weddings considering how many happen across the globe daily.

What is the most original photo you’ve been asked to take at a wedding?

If I'm honest I've not really been asked to produce anything out the ordinary. People generally have an idea of what style they're looking for when they book you. If a couple suggests they'd like to set up something elaborate I'm more than happy to get technical and rise to the challenge.

Describe how you got into photography.

I've always been fascinated with photography. capturing images has always been a huge passion in my life. The process, the result. I love to tell a story with photos, there's nothing more satisfying. I did my first wedding at the age of 17 on my stepdads old Nikon. The wedding was for a close friend and it was fun. I mean, if were going to be honest though, looking back now, those photos were pretty embarrassing, but we all have to start somewhere, I've learnt a hell of a lot about what it means to be a photographer since then. I spent the next 7 years after that in a catering management role which really killed my soul. I hated the feeling of wasting the creativity I had. It got to the point where I felt like I had to sink or swim, so I swam.

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