The Behind Lens 



Nice to meet you, I'm Charli. A wedding & event photographer located in the South West of England. And what a beautiful area to have a wedding right?!?

When working with you, I balance two different intentions: the first being images which need no explanation; where the story, moment and emotion is clear and powerful. The second is to produce photos that are completely un-intrusive, relaxed, unforced. I pride myself on the fly on the wall approach to photography I have. When I see clients faces light up when they see a moment that they thought had been overlooked, there is nothing more rewarding. 

With wedding days, a unique opportunity to provide both when you’re at your very best and you're surrounded by everyone you care about in the world. What's there not to capture?


Away from ceremonies, I'm an avid travel and street photographer, I love to see new places! So no matter where your wedding is, I would like to hear from you. Tell me about your plans and let’s get the date booked in, I work on a first come first served basis, so it’s crucial to get in early.

I feel very lucky you’ve stumbled upon my work and I do hope we can create some timeless memories together.


The Lens